Water Mist Total flooding System

RG W-Fog High Pressure Water Mist Systems are designed according to the water application rate for controlling, suppressingor extinguishing the fire, and the specifications for storing the water required for extinguishing the fire.

RG W-Fog has both CYLINDER BANKS and units working with ELECTRICAL OR DIESEL MOTOR PUMPS. For pump units, they propel the water contained in the tanks when larger amounts are required to suppress/ extinguish the fire. The pumps can be powered with engines of various power ratings so customers can have a system tailored to their protection needs.

For micro-drop discharge, RG W-Fog has developed its discharge nozzles with a specific design for each specific risk, according to the various tests performed in the most prestigious European certification laboratories. Actuation by electrical or pneumatic components or manual activation can be complemented for any system for added safety. The RG W-Fog WATER MIST SYSTEM ensures more efficient coverage of hazards previously protected by sprinklers.

The equipment has obtained the major international certificates issued by the most prestigious agencies in its field: VDS, FM, Lloyd's Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas.

They are approved according to the IMO MSC/Circ.913 standard in marine systems for use in local application and approval for use in public spaces, storage areas, cabins and corridors as per IMO Resol.A.800 and IMO MSC.265(84).It is also approved as per the MSC/Circ.1165 for machinery spaces and pump rooms

● Significant reduction of water consumption.

● Maintains the oxygen level.

● Suitable for deep-seated hazards.

● Prevention of reignition.

● Compatible with electronic equipment.

● Effective on flammable liquid fires.

● No sealing of required.

● Effective against smoke.

● Minimal water damage.

● Low cost and ease of refilling.

● Application versatility.

● Adaptable for local application and total flooding.

● Smaller pipe sizes

● More European certifications.

● Environmentally friendly.

● Ease of full-scale tests

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