Deluge System

Deluge System is a fixed fire protection system where the piping system situated along the downstream are normally kept dry. The function of deluge valve system was to distribute pressurized water to either open type nozzles or fire water monitors. Deluge valve system can be activated by 4 design methodology which are namely hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or manual release. The deluge system could be further customize to different safety design requirement to combine two or more methods of activation.

Deluge systems are normally used when there is a special requirement depending on the conditions of occupancy or special hazards in which require quick respond on large flow of water.

Deluge System is designed based on the area of protection, pressure and flow requirement. System control and monitoring is customized according to customer's requirement or to meet specific design concepts. Large varieties of materials or components can be selected to suit the different environment requirement.

● Deluge valve material available in cast steel, NiALBronze up to Titanium
● Deluge valve sizes available from 3" to 12"
● Pipe welding capability for pipes ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, CuNi and Titanium
● Manual Electric and/or Pneumatic system activation
● Electrical components and control panel suitable for Ex-proof areas
● Skid or cabinet for system storage
● Heat Tracing or Cabinet with Heaters can be provided Approval — UL Listed, ABS, DNV GL etc.

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